Monday, February 4, 2013

Kitchens Need a Heads-Up and Eyes-Open Management Style

A chef usually works with eyes looking down at what they are doing. It is difficult for a chef who also is a manager to lead and manage a kitchen unless their eyes are up the majority of the time. Things go wrong in a kitchen in a matter of seconds—anything from seasoning to time in the oven to incoming deliveries from vendors. The manager of a kitchen is similar to an umpire at a ballgame.
A successful kitchen manager is never timid. They need to barge right in with their eyes and tastebuds. The manager of the kitchen must praise and critique at the same time. They are the captains of the company’s image and need to use discipline correctly to maintain the quality of the food. Management needs to walk around all areas of the kitchen, cooler, and loading area regularly to get close to the action.
A kitchen leader’s back must never face the same direction for any length of time. They are like a football coach on the sidelines who keeps moving as the ball goes up and down the field.

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