Thursday, June 28, 2012

Even More Discussion Points...

I love challenging your intellect! What are your thoughts on these?

1. To find part-time hires, hold "Opportunity Meetings" for 50 potential staffers at once to save you time and to get the same info to all of the candidates at the same time.

2. Catering is the art of selling, producing, and performing outstanding catering while practicing the science of earning a profit. In other words, catering is a business of keeping all things balanced.

3. Remember: You do need staff that JUST pours water and clears tables. Why should a rookie get the same pay as an experienced and loyal staffer, so hire staff at different pay rates for different skills.           
4. Catering is 80% artistic and 20% science - but it’s the science of catering that pays the bills!                
5. When needing to give clients money back for a refund think instead of offering a credit for future use.

6. - Caterers who lead with their creativity never need to worry about losing clients to other caterers.