Friday, December 30, 2011

Discussion Points For Professional Salespeople

If you are a salesperson please discuss the points below with yourself and others. The outcome of your discussions will have a positive impact on your selling results.

1. Selling needs to be make an impact on the prospect. 

2. A salesperson needs to be “generous” in their sharing and conversation.

3. There is always tension over doing something new.

4. Selling is an ongoing dynamic process.

5. In selling there are pauses and stillness – don’t miss them.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Major Different Between On and Off-Premise Catering

Most buyers think more about space and starting and stopping times than food when dealing with an on-premise caterer. They want the best or prime ballroom in the facility and they want to be able to gain access to the room at a certain time. These buyers are comparing carpets, lighting, heating, cooling and parking more than menus when assessing caterers. Buyers approach the off-premise caterer from a completely different point of view, putting total focus squarely on the menu since the client, not the caterer, is the one who determines the location and event times.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Roman's Thoughts On Staffing Your Business

Caterers spend a lot of money on staffing. How that money is spent or invested determines both the overall success of the operation and the profitability of the company. It is not by chance that leading catering companies have more passionate and dedicated staff than those that seem always to be struggling.
There isn’t a magic formula to finding the best staff possible. In catering, more often than not, it is a matter of letting the cream rise to the top. Management needs to recognize examples of shinning talent in their staffing ranks before they leave for other jobs.
Caterers tend to over-staff their company right from the start. Sometimes it’s not that the company has too many staff, but that they have too many staff in the wrong areas. The amount of office, kitchen and other full-time staff must reflect your company’s sales results because the company pays all its bills from the efforts of the sales team.
When possible, caterers need to move toward using more part-time staff and outside services. There is a growing industry of services that replace the need for a caterer to maintain as many full-time staff as they currently have. The plethora of labor-saving, ready-to-use menu items and recipe ingredients can save huge dollars. Outsourcing training and cleaning also can help your bottom line through dollars saved on payroll taxes and benefits.