Thursday, February 23, 2012

Job Description: Executive Chef/Kitchen Manager

Responsible for all food production including that used for restaurant, bar, catering and café. Develops menus, food purchase specifications and recipes. Supervises food production. Develops and monitors food and labor budget for kitchen staff. Checks in and monitors food and supply inventory. Maintains highest food quality and sanitation standards. Main function-To maintain a well run, cost effective kitchen.

Job Tasks
1.    Hires, trains, supervises & evaluates kitchen staff.
2.    Plans menus for all profit centers.
3.    Schedules and coordinates the work of chefs, cooks and other kitchen staff to assure that food preparation is economical and correct within budgeted labor cost goals.
4.    Approves the requisition of products and other necessary food purchases.
5.    Ensures that high standards of sanitation, cleanliness and safety are maintained throughout all kitchen areas at all times.
6.    Establishes controls to minimize waste and theft and maximize profits.
7.    Implements training of kitchen staff to increase their knowledge about safety, sanitation and accident prevention principles.
8.    Develops standard recipes and techniques for food preparation and presentation which assures consistency, high quality and minimal food costs. Exercises portion controls for all items served and assists in menu pricing.
9.    All recipes are to be written down and kept in recipe book. Pictures of presentation to be taken of all dishes and visible to cooks with portion sizes.
10. Projects weekly food and labor costs and monitors actual financial result. Takes corrective action as needed to assure financial goals are met.
11. Attends food, beverage and management staff meetings.
12. Consults with banquet manager about food production for special events.
13. Cooks or directly supervises the cooking of items requiring skilled preparation.
14. Evaluates food products to assure quality standards are met.
15. Plans and manages employee meal program.
16. Hires kitchen staff, evaluates job performance, corrects, rewards and disciplines staff in a fair and legal manner.
17. Puts procedures in place to assure a smooth running kitchen at all times. Makes sure these procedures are adhered to at all times.
18. Establishes and maintains a regular cleaning and maintance schedule for all kitchen areas and equipment.
19. Motivates and develops staff including cross training.
20. Periodically visits dining areas to welcome guests
21. Hosts taste panels to assess feasibility of proposed menu items.
22. Hosts cooking classes and demonstrations.
23. Alternates closing with the General Manager.


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