Friday, March 23, 2012

Discussion Points From Roman

Please discuss the "thinking" points below with yourself or others!

1. Sometimes a shopper takes a lot of your ideas and never pays for the education you gave them. In other words, they take your ideas, which you gave for free, and then do the party on their own or with another caterer using your ideas. Can you prevent this?

2. Caterers don't just sell food ... they sell solutions!

3. You should never book an event if there is neither profit or goodwill associated with it - you need to PROFIT or enhance your image from each event you cater!

4. A salesperson should accept the fact that buyers always are looking for lower prices. So, perhaps it would be wise to help them perceive you have lower prices to offer.

5. Questions maintain control in any sales situation.  The best salespeople learn to ask a variety of important, and not-so important, questions that disclose information about the event and an understanding of the “buying attitude” of the clients.

6. Remember: Most people buy the familiar brand. So, it is important to keep your name in front of clients on a continual basis.