Friday, February 1, 2013

Discussion Points

Kick these statements around in your head and share your thoughts with other team members:

1. Ask your present buyers and staff what they would do if they owned your company for a day and could change anything that they wanted.

2. Send your larger corporate drop-off clients a free generic birthday cake once a month. It simply says “Happy Birthday To Those With July Birthdays” on the cake. Don’t forget a few candles.

3. Wholesale Catering, where you sell your food to restaurants, nursing homes, etc. and even other caterers, is a viable profit center that is just waiting to be tapped.    

4. The world is a better place because of the talent and energy of professional caterers.           

5. The best way to eliminate gossip is with true and open information.               

6. Catering is a constant battle of dealing with what clients want to do and what will really work.