Friday, July 22, 2011

IMCEA's Annual Conference - San Antonio

This week I was a speaker at the annual IMCEA educational conference held in San Antonio. The International Military Community Executives Association (IMCEA) members are foodservice professionals that work for the U.S. Government in the five branches of our military – Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. In essence these fine people are part of one of the largest groups of caterers anywhere.

I enjoy speaking for the IMCEA simply because they work for our amazing men and women that protect our freedoms and make the ultimate sacrifice to our nation. My presentation was 90 minutes in length and was called “Enhancing Special Events”. If you would like a PDF of my presentation, simply email me at with a subject line IMCEA.

Kent Cummins, CMCE - Executive Director IMCEA
The Executive Director of IMCEA is Kent Cummins. CMCE who has become a solid friend of mine. Kent has owned restaurants, done catering, and was and still is a professional magician. Several months ago I mentioned to him that my first attempt at making money as an entrepreneur was my business (when I was twelve years old) called “Mike The Magic Kid”. Yes, silly now, but I was able to learn a few basic magic tricks to work as an entertainer for birthday parties, etc. I actually made some spending money! Also, I enjoyed being on stage.


So, when I arrived in San Antonio Kent presented me with a fun package – my own “Mike The Magic Kid” magician’s kit containing a bunch of magic tricks. You can see by the photo that Kent really went out of his way to have some fun with this project using Photoshop to place my head in a tuxedo and top hat! Great job Kent! It should also be mentioned that Kent has operated “Magic Camps” for children learning about the wonderful world of magic. Thanks Kent.

Note: The IMCEA is a business partner of Catersource and helps make our annual conference in Las Vegas a great success!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Info Appears On Another Blog

Check our one of my posts being posted onto another foodservice blog "Catering & Me".

Harry Spivak, an old friend, has a very neat blog - check  back with it from time to time.

Cartewheels Catering: A Very Cool Website

While in San Antonio I called my long time friend Debbie Stein owner of Cartewheels Catering in Kerrville, TX. To find her phone number I simply Googled her website - I was blown away by her very cool and powerful website. Above is one photo for weddings that really excited me for its' creativity.