Phone Consultations

Over The Phone Consultations
I am available for phone consultations on just about any subject concerning professional catering. My advice and consul is backed by over thirty years of success in helping caterers increase both their profits and quality of lives. I will provide you with answers and solutions for both front and back of the house concerns.

You may have multiple people on the phone call. Any call lasting less than ten (10) minutes will be on a no-charge basis. Only two (2) no-charge sessions may be used per company during a three-month period. For calls longer than ten minutes an hourly fee of $300 will apply. Time not used for the original 60-minute fee will be banked for future use with no expiration date.

For longer projects, you may purchase a three (3) hour consultation package for $750. Different staff from your team may use any portion of the three hours with no expiration date.

I will invoice you for payment via check after the first phone consultation session is completed.

Please email me at or call my home desk phone (773) 549-7210 for more info on my consulting or to start our work together.