Friday, August 5, 2011

Discussion Points For Your Next Meeting #1

This is the first of several posts that are being presented with some of my newest "original" thoughts that hopefully will offer my readers the opportunity to stretch their minds and creativity. I am continually thinking about new ways to understand the process of selling catering. So, please review these and discuss their possible meanings with your fellow team members or with yourself in the privacy of your own mind.

1. When selling you are working with someone you really don’t know much about you must make instant assumptions based on what you see, hear, and feel in your gut.

2. Great salespeople are perfectionists in disguise. They actually act not in control while being totally in control of the situation.

3. Salespeople get shoppers to reevaluate their situations.

4. The best sales come form a series of unpredictable problems that are solved by the salesperson.

5. Keep your selling scripts the same and steady, but experiment with your actions, style and energy.

6. You need to get your shopper “thinking” not just listening.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ten Days On The Road!

I'm back in Chicago after giving my educational sessions in San Antonio (for IMCEA), Dallas (for ACF), and Reno (for NACE). Glad to be back home. I also made a quick consulting stop overnight in San Francisco!
The wonderful professionals I met at all three conferences were a delight. I had lengthly and spirited conversations with many attendees. What is always great is to see so many Catersource alumni attending these conferences. It should also be stated that NACE, ACF and IMCEA are all active business partners at the annual Las Vegas conference.
The only problem I had during my trip was the 4500 foot altitude in Reno along with a lot of flight delays because of weather. Flew Southwest all the way except for United from Reno to San Francisco. In my view, the staff on Southwest care a whole lot more than on other airlines!
For some reason I didn't get many photos of the trip - the one below of Jerry and Julie Edwards makes up for that, since any photo of them is equal to five other photos of anything. That's because Julie Edwards is in the photo along with Jerry! Here they are!