Labels Key

As I post on my blog I will try to provide some "labels" that will help define the general subject of a post. Here are the labels you can look for:

Bookings - these posts will cover my phone interviews with catering companies that will share with our readers how their immediate and future bookings are taking shape. When possible, I will seek to get permission to share the company's profitability with you.

Roman on... - these posts will cover lots of different topics that I think about. We will all see how this develops.

Fun - catering is "fun" much of the time. I know lots of caterers who are "funny". After reading these posts we will all feel a little better - hopefully!

Goals & Dreams - these posts will cover my interviews of caterers on how they feel about what they do, why they started their companies, and where they wish their company to be in three years.

Scripts - just words put together to sell shoppers that you can use if you so choose - hey, that rhymes!

Tips - In these posts I will simply do what many people say I do best - providing strategies, tactics, concepts and action plans that will help caterers do things even better than they do currently. I suppose that these posts will be my "meat and potato" favorites since teaching, training and consulting are what I enjoy doing most!