Friday, June 1, 2012

Managers Need To Remember The “...ATE” Concept:


Thursday, May 31, 2012

On-Premise Uninvited Walk-Ins

1. This does happen with many businesses. It really should be encouraged.

2. Have signage showing the hours and/or directions of where to go.

3. The entire staff needs to understand what to do.

4. Have a walkthrough procedure that staff can execute to fulfill their reason for coming.

5. Qualify, reschedule, or walkthrough!

6. Sometimes it is just incorrect or impossible to take time to tour.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Don’t Sell Your Products First

1. Make a friend first.

2. Sell “non-embarrassment” not just your products. Boast about your team and what past buyers like about your product/services. “Mrs. Smith, please let me take a moment and share with you why I chose to work with (your company)...”

3. Learn the difference between “order-taking” and “selling”. There is a need and time for both.

4. Always stay positive, but “correct” the shopper if necessary.

5. To the shopper... sell yourself, the company, the team, and then the product... in that order.

6. Tell the shopper the questions they should be asking and then answer them!

7. Establish the foundations of upselling right from the beginning.

8. Market and sell what your products/services do for clients... not just what they are.

9. Remember: Verbs and adjectives make sales happen. Nouns are shallow.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Start Out The Work Week With A Chuckle!

Below is a copy of Hunt's Headlines that should give you a giggle or two or three. Todd Hunt, a great friend of mine, is one of the nation's best known (and funniest) keynote speakers. I asked his permission to publish on my blog for your discussion. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Requirements for a Successful Event (Plus…Llamas!) • Guest Artricle: Jon Wool • Finesse Cuisine

 How far would you travel for good barbecue?

This is BIG BBQ!
That's A Pot Of Paella!  

Jon Wool (right) next to his son Greg along with new friends!

Check out this link for more info on this annual event:

I never thought I’d hop a plane for grilled meat, but Bovinova 2012 changed my mind.  Held annually in Greenville, South Carolina, this unique event raises funds for the Wounded Warrior Project and celebrates the thrill-of-the-grill in grand style. This year’s menu included lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, whole pigs, 1 whole cow (approx. 1,200 lbs), and 1 whole llama. There was also great paella and numerous side dishes for those actually seeking a balanced menu.  Add the generous contributions of home-brewers passing pitchers of their latest creation and you have a food festival well worth the airfare.

This event was miles away from Villeroy & Boch china and tuxedoed waiters, but I observed many parallels to the more traditional catering model of our consulting clients.  Event planning, at its most cohesive, isn’t unique to any specific style of entertaining. Although Bovinova took place in the great outdoors and was as casual an event as you can imagine, the same principles for exceptional event orchestration were in play.  I witnessed creative menu design, careful quantity control, and safe food handling. There was the coordination of essential equipment, tents, lighting, and the installation of specially designed racks and rotisseries for those whole roasts. A team of proactive and well-instructed staff managed the location, music, and other entertainment. A strong outreach effort had attracted sponsorship and TV crews from The Cooking Channel, and a concentrated social media campaign ensured healthy ticket sales to an eclectic and fun-seeking group of patrons.  All of these elements added up to a fun event benefiting an important cause.

Whether you are serving BBQ or truffled foie gras, the success of any event is dependent on attention-to-detail, enthusiastic service, and a menu that exceeds the highest expectations.  Kudos to my friend, Jeff Bannister, and the entire Bovinova team for hosting a wildly successful event. Lastly, if you want to taste llama for yourself, check out and mark the 2013 date onto your calendar.