Friday, March 30, 2012

Tip When Responding To A Request For A Refund

When you are responding to a client’s request for a performance refund, don’t decide how much you will give without first asking what they are seeking. In other words, let them speak first about the amount they want. “Ms. Frank, what refund amount are you thinking of?” At the same time you are asking her this question, you are deciding in your own mind the limit of dollars you are ready to give her back. If you have placed a limit of $400 in your mind and she says $350, you have saved yourself some dollars. On the other hand, if she asks for $800, you know where you stand and can decide if you wish to continue haggling or if you are going to hold to your $400 limit.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Discussion Points

Please review the points below and discuss at your next meeting:

1. Tactfully let the client know when they are making a planning mistake by explaining how it will dampen the event's success.  

2. Make your special clients feel important by giving them a private phone number to call that is answered in a special manner.

3. "Gratuities are not required or included in the menu price, but are graciously accepted by our staff" ... a great line to put into a contract or letter to a client.         

4. Forecasting & monitoring is a necessary evil for successful catering.

5. Often a party for 45 can have more problems than an event of 450.

6. Catering is more of a manufacturing business than a service one.