Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Guest Article: Completing Projects by David Turk Indiana Market & Catering, New York City

How to manage any project to completion

Whether it’s an intimate dinner for six or a gala for thousands, the parties that we cater are each individual projects and need to be treated as such.  At the very least, simple project management tools must be put in place in order for us to be successful in running our respective businesses.

Here are a few simple steps that we use to make sure that we are consistently on track to cause our most important result to occur:  happy customers and their guests!


1) Identify the Outcome
2) Build the Right Team
3) Schedule Everything!
4) Honor your Word
5) Celebrate your Success!
Identify the Outcome
·      What are the specific results you are looking to create? 
         For instance:  to create 1000 hors d’oeuvres, crafted up to a particular minimum standard, by 3 pm on Wednesday afternoon
·      What are the tools that you can put in place in order to know that you are on track (i.e. timelines, pictures)?

Build the Right Team
·      What are the areas of accountability that are needed to fulfill on your specific results?
         For instance:  the kitchen, led by our chef
·      Who are the best people to fulfill on these duties?
         The chef will want to determine which teammembers are best suited to the task
·      Identify what’s in it for them
Good feelings, knowing they did the job well
Pizza lunch for the whole kitchen
A small bonus

Schedule Everything!
·      Create a timeline that makes clear what will be done when
·      Schedule the actions necessary to produce those results
·      Build in time to account for the inevitable breakdowns

Honor your Word
·      Do what you say
·      Do it when you say it would be done
·      If you don’t, make that public
·      Deal with the impact of not keeping your word
·      Respond to that impact, if necessary

Celebrate your Success!
·      Make sure everyone knows about the job well done and that the customer is thrilled!

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